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Many tourists visit this town on their way to the beaches. There is a private and a public health clinic in town, as well as a small hospital. A kilometer out of Cóbano there is a gasoline station, good to refuel before heading south to the beaches. A few supermarkets and hardware stores are found around town as well. If you happen to be here in February or March, a major attraction is also its annual rodeo which lasts three days, which starts with a horse parade. There is also a big fair held with bull riding, food stalls and plenty of dancing.

How to get There

By car:

From San José: take the Panamerican Highway for Palmares, San Ramón, Esparza, towards Puntarenas. You have to get into downtown Puntarenas and follow the map signs to reach the Paquera Ferry. Once in Paquera drive towards Tambor and then Cóbano. At Cóbano turn left and follow the signs to Montezuma. If you continue straight, you will get to Cabo Blanco National Park, and follow the signs to Malpaís and Santa Teresa.

From Nicoya: continue the road south towards Carmona. Just before this town turn left to Lepanto. Continue the road towards Naranjo, Paquera, Tambor, and finally Cóbano. At Cóbano turn left and follow the signs to Montezuma.

By airplane:
You need to flight to Tambor and from there take a cab (ride takes around 1 hour).

By bus:
From San José: buses leave at the Coca Cola Terminal everyday at 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. The ride takes around 5 hours. Phone: 642-0219.
From Paquera: buses leave everyday at different hours. The ride takes around 2 hours. Phone: 642-0219.



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