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Lies within the Arenal Conservation Area (204 000 ha), protecting eight of Costa Rica's 12 life zones and 16 protected reserves in the region between the Guanacaste and Tilarán mountain ranges, which includes Lake Arenal. For a scenic hiking trail and view on the volcano, you can visit the National Park. There is an observatory site from were you have a beautiful view of the volcano and the Arenal Lake. Short trails (3.4 km and 2 km) go through some secondary forests and old lava from previous eruptions. Primary cloud forest and rainforest cover the park, which abounds with flora and fauna species in multiple life zones, many rivers, waterfalls and thermal hot springs. The Volcán Arenal National Park is a living laboratory because of its geologic and geomorphologic richness and its complex biological processes development, that forms from folk vegetation to a primary forest. It holds a variety of flora and fauna in its four life zones.

Park rangers always check the volcanic activity and will tell you which trails or opened or not and will not hesitate to evacuate if they feel it's unsafe for visitors. The visitors center near the Arenal volcano has an auditorium, an exhibition hall, a souvenir store, and restrooms. Marked hiking trails lead to various points of interest and scenic overlooks.

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